Saturday, September 3, 2011


Jayden was able to do the Pioneer Trek in June with the young women and men in our Stake. She was so nervous and didn't really want to go. She kept telling us that she was going to die on the trek so she left us this message on the easel white board the morning she left.
Funny that she didn't mention her mom and dad in that note but hey we can't forget Justin Bieber!

A few weeks before the Young Women left they made aprons and bonnets. Grandma Leishman let Jayden borrow her old evening dress and also made her pantaloons. I made her dress up a few days before so I could get a few pictures of my cute little pioneer.
This is the morning I dropped her off at the church with a couple friends.
Here she is on the trek. I am so grateful to my friend, Sophia who was Jayden's "Ma" on the trek. She took a few pictures and emailed them to me. I think they are priceless!
Jayden ended up having a great time! Of course there were a few things like port a potty's and not showering for a few days that she didn't love but this was an experience that she will never forget!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Being a kid

I LOVE catching my girls playing and just being a kid! I feel like kids grow up so quickly these days and lose interest in make believe, toys, and magical worlds. With all of the "so called kid shows" that have kids on them that are cool and dating at a young age doesn't help. I always try to tell my kids that they are young once and to take advantage of it.
So, when I catch them being kids and using their brilliant imaginations I have to just stop whatever it is that I am doing and watch them play. I love it! I wish I could freeze time and keep them small forever!


Kaylee and her BFF decided to do make-up on each other's faces one day. What do ya think.....did they find their future profession?

Look who got braces

Ashlyn started her Summer off by getting braces. She was so nervous!
The assistants were so sweet and explained everything to her.
Here is Dr. E working on Ashlyn. He has to be one of the nicest men I have ever meant! We are really lucky to have him as our orthodontist!
This isn't a great picture, but here she is with her braces. She was in a lot of pain that first couple of weeks. She would stuff so much wax in her mouth that she would look like she had a big wad of chew in her mouth!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Swim Team

I am the type of parent that DOESN'T sign her kids up for summer activities. I feel like during the school year life is crazy busy and the kids never get to just be kids. No to mention that I just don't get enough time with them to lay in bed in the morning and talk about their dreams and give tickle tortures! This summer I made a change and decided to sign Kaylee & Ashlyn up for swim team. It was a big commitment to make in the summer. They went 4 days a week for an hour but it was SO worth it! It really was one of those things that made me wonder why I didn't do it sooner. The girls enjoyed their summer program so much that they are going to continue to do it through the school year! I am so excited because it is an awesome form of exercise and it will be something that they can do through out their lives!

One of those days

This was one of those days! No, not the one's when your kids are making you crazy but the one's when you just LOVE them to pieces! Maybe it was because it was the beginning of the summer and I was so excited to spend some time with my 3 angels!

On this day I kept looking at Jayden and thinking that I only have her for 3 more years and then she is off to college! I wanted to cry because she has become my best friend! I really am so lucky because she is the BEST teenager a parent could ask for! Yes, she has her moments but they are really mild moments and for the most part she is so sweet and so FUNNY!!! I love her carefree personality and her heart that has enough love in it to love everyone!

Kaylee is my crazy, fun, jokester girl! She is all about having a good time and is constantly making me laugh with the things she tells me. Thankfully she is still little enough to think that I am the coolest thing since white bread! Oh, I wish they could all stay that way.

Ashlyn is my sensitive, smart, animal lover! I love that big smile, it melts my heart every time she flashes me a big one!
Ashlyn loves her family and one of her most favorite people in the world is her cousin, Navy!

Last Day of School May 2011

I remember the excitement I felt on the last day of school. I lived in a small town and it seemed that everyone felt it to. There were water balloons being tossed around every corner, kids walking everywhere, and fun parties to be had!
I still feel a little of that when it's my kids last day. I always try to do something fun. This year I got all the appropriate things to bomb the neighborhood kids with and each other. The only problem....there were no other neighborhood kids out! WHAT??? For weeks now there were kids everywhere in our neighborhood playing in the streets, ready for freedom and now their gone on the most exciting day? Oh well. The girls still had fun with each other and I had fun watching them!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day

This is my beautiful mommy! I will be thinking about her and missing her this mother's day!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


If our family had a CD this would be the cover!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Black Sheep

Do you ever feel like the Black Sheep? I do a lot! I don't know why but the older I get I just really don't feel like I fit in anywhere, except with my children.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Slight Astigmatism

A few months back Kaylee failed the school eye exam and lately has been coming home saying the board is blurry at school! I finally took her into the eye doctor on Friday and she has a slight astigmatism. The doctor told me to wait a year and then get her checked again. I think Kaylee was a little disappointed because she really wanted to get some glasses like her big sister. As for the mom, I was relieved that my pocket book wouldn't be taking such a hit (our insurance isn't the greatest) and I wouldn't have to worry about her losing or scratching them!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Despicable Me

My kids have been watching this movie over and over and I think I like it more & more every time I hear it. Yes I said hear it because it is in our car so that's all I get.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I changed my background......does that count as updating my blog?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Brown Santa

I love to shop online. It's so much easier than running around to a million different stores! I get so excited when I hear the truck pulling up into my cul-de-sac! I just hope & pray that it's stopping in front of my house. And oh the JOY I feel when I find a box waiting for me on my doorstep! Bottom line............
I LOVE the Brown Santa!